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A unique coaching journal that helps guide aspirant sports coaches on a sustainable path of reflection and growth.

Daily session planner

A customisable timetable, the planner uses guided questions and free drawing space to design each coaching session, outline learning objectives and reflect afterwards.

Weekly self-evaluation

In reviewing our performance, from planning through to execution, this structured assessment will highlight the internal and external factors affecting our progress.

Foundational activities

By using the “mentorship compass” and the “personal banner”, these tasks help us to discover our coaching identity; then we can hold ourselves accountable to our core values.

Monthly review

Taking this questionnaire regularly will remind us of our progress and allow us to explore any issues or obstacles that are impeding our forward momentum.

Journaling plays a valuable part in a wider coaching philosophy

Tracking, noting and reflecting is the key to the growth mindset that we believe all good coaches must embrace as educators.

We’re in it for the long run

We are regularly updating the journal, developing new editions, integrating your feedback, including new content. We want the Coach’s Journal to grow with you.

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Coach’s Journal

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